Top 7 Cross-chain Bridges on Optimism
Top 7 Cross-chain Bridges on Optimism photo
By: Stefan

Top 7 Cross-chain Bridges on Optimism

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Optimism network with its token OP has become a real sensation of the cryptocurrency world. Right from the start, the Optimism network has seriously squeezed other L2 solutions, the number of users of this network and TVL is constantly growing. A separate pleasant surprise was the generous airdrop of OP tokens for the first users of this blockchain network. And if we also take into account the developed infrastructure of blockchain bridges for token exchange between the Optimism network and other networks, we can see the contours of a new, more decentralized and faster cryptocurrency world. We'll pick out seven of the best blockchain bridges to interact with the Optimism network and summarize the key information about each.

Defiway Bridge


Due to a combination of favorable consumer features, we put the Defiway blockchain bridge at the top of the list.

First of all, we took into account the speed of exchange and the size of the exchange fee. Here Defiway confidently leads among all bridges, allowing you to buy Optimism network tokens quickly and with minimal costs. The commission is only 0.2% of the transaction amount and the exchange is almost instantaneous. Their mobile app is noteworthy.

Exchange destinations

Exchange destinations available on the Defiway website include:

  • Optimism. A layer 2 network for Ethereum, which at the same time acts as an independent cryptocurrency project with its own token OP.
  • Ethereum. An entire ecosystem through which smart contracts, custom tokens, Gamefi, NFT and many other concepts have emerged and evolved.
  • BNB. The native cryptocurrency of the Binance Smart Chain network, used daily by hundreds of millions of people around the world, especially in Asian countries.
  • Polygon. Born as a layer 2 network for Ethereum, the Polygon system has become a separate ecosystem.
  • Tron. The Defiway bridge is one of the few bridges that allows interoperability with this network. Thanks to numerous technical updates, Tron has become one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the world.
  • BASE. A network under the umbrella of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase from the United States. Popular among users from North America, often used by them to create memcoins.
  • Arbitrum One. Competes with Optimism, and quite successfully.
  • Avalanche C-Chain. One of the few real Ethereum competitors that has shown its advantages.
  • BTC. The progenitor of all cryptocurrencies got an influx of new users thanks to L2 solutions and Ordinals technology.
  • Cronos. "Dark horse", a young blockchain network that has the potential to grow hundreds and thousands of times.

Rhino.fi bridge

Rhino.fi is a new blockchain bridge for exchanging digital assets that has been particularly quick to break into the top 10 most popular bridges. To start using Rhino.fi, all you need to do is go to the project's homepage and select the desired direction of exchange. More than two dozen blockchains for exchange are available here, including such exotic ones as Mantle and Kroma. There are all conditions for those who want to interact with Optimism, Arbitrum and other Ethereum second-level networks. Transactions are very fast, but are quite expensive.

Optimism Gateway

Optimism Gateway was and still is one of the most popular blockchain bridges for OP token exchanges. It initially only provided forward and backward exchanges between Optimism and Ethereum mainnet. Now third-party solutions from two independent developers are connected to this bridge, which allows to receive not only OP and ARB tokens, but also tokens from many other networks in exchange for Ethereum tokens. Among them are BASE, ZORA and little-known blockchain networks that are just starting to gain popularity. Among them there is a chance to find the future "unicorn" of the financial world.

Stargate blockchain bridge

The Stargate bridge is also certainly worthy of attention. Suddenly, it has broken into second or third place in terms of daily transaction volumes with the Optimism token. Users of this bridge are rewarded for providing liquidity to pools. Holders of deposits in ARB, BASE, OP and other cryptocurrencies can earn in this way. If you have a large enough deposit and expect to keep it for a long time, pay attention to Stargate, where your capital will also bring interest. The choice of tokens for exchange is huge, but the size of commissions leaves much to be desired. There are also pools, profitable farming and stake.

Across bridge

When mastering blockchain bridge technology, it's impossible to miss the Across site. It has a modular structure and uses the proprietary Across+ and Across Settlement systems to manage liquidity. It is one of the few bridges that works with the new ZkSync Era network. Across also allows you to earn rewards for contributing your funds to the liquidity pool. OP tokens from the Optimism network as well as many other tokens can be purchased here. Pay attention to the size of the commission, it can be quite large.

Circle CCTP Bridge

Circle CCTP blockchain bridge will be the best option for Circle customers. It offers favorable rates when vasimodating with Circle's native cryptocurrency, the dollar in the form of the USDC stablecoin. Among the exchange destinations are both Ethereum and L2 Ethereum solutions such as BASE, Optimism and Arbitrum. The exchange here is done through a proprietary technology that involves mint and burning assets across different blockchains. If you are a Circle exchange customer and hold the bulk of your capital in USDC, this is the best option for you.

Celer cBridge

Last but not least on this list is Celer cBridge. Celer cBridge has gained popularity for exchanging tokens between different blockchains, among them exotic networks. While Ethereum and Arbitrum Optimism tokens can be purchased using a variety of bridges, only here you can make transactions with networks such as Antimatter B2, Ape Chain, PlatON or Shiden. The exchange commissions will be quite high. The best bridge for experimenters who are constantly looking for new blockchains. Celer cBridge will also be interesting for developers - it has extensive documentation, its own API and SDK.

Which bridge to choose for Optimism token exchange

The Optimism network is developing very quickly. More and more developers are using a toolkit for creating Defi, which is called OP stack. Tier-1 venture capital funds are investing in the Optimism network, both directly and through the purchase of OP tokens of this network. The creators of the Optimism network say that they will soon implement L3 solutions and integration with Secret Network in order to provide high privacy to users. So such a coin is worth buying for your portfolio. The cheapest and fastest way to do it would be through Defiway Bridge.

There are more than 30 blockchain bridges working on the direction of OP token exchange, we have listed only the most popular ones. This shows the high demand for the Optimism blockchain among users and developers. In the first place we put Defiway Bridge, which can be recommended to beginners. Those who are professionally engaged in token exchange and ready to interact with dozens of blockchains and L2 solutions will need to study other bridges.