Your security is our priority

Defiway's primary objective is protecting your assets from potential theft. We firmly believe in granting you absolute control over your funds. Our products boast top-tier security measures, ensuring this belief becomes a secure reality.

Discover Our Safety Measures

Cross-chain bridge & Pay

Our rule is simple: if no signatures are involved = you’re safe.

  • Yo do not need to sign a contract
  • You do not need to perform the approve transaction
  • The multisign technology is connected to the bridge
  • We do not issue our own unbacked tokens
  • Transaction are anonymous, receiver address cannot be traced
There’s no risk of someone taking control of your wallet funds


No access to smart contracts, they’re just yours

We do not have access to smart contracts that users create for their companies = Meaning we do not have access to your funds


No smart contracts are included

We do not store user keys = We can not manage your funds


Keep calm and pay with Defiway!

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