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Q1 2022


Launch of the Defiway Decentralized ecosystem, offering users a convenient solution to manage and store their cryptocurrencies on all blockchains within a single wallet

Q1 2022


Introduction of the Pay protocol, simplifying the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies through a single account

Q2 2022


Implementation of the PayRoll, enabling companies to to schedule and automate payouts

Q3 2022


Launch of the Bridge protocol, granting users the ability to manage their crypto assets across multiple blockchain networks

Q3 2023


Launch of the Treasury protocol enabling users to create a multisignature wallet that requires more than one private key to authorize crypto transactions, thereby enhancing the security of crypto payment transfers

Q3 2023

Mobile App

Launch of the Defiway mobile app, making the Defiway ecosystem more accessible to users on-the-go

Q3 2023

Payment Terminal

Introduction of a Defiway payment terminal, enabling merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments

Q3 2023

Browser Extension

Launch of the Defiway browser extension, providing easy and secure access to the Defiway ecosystem

Q4 2023


Launch of the Defiway token, creating a more robust and decentralized financial ecosystem for Defiway users

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