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Defiway has already launched top decentralized products to become The real home of DeFi in 2024 Check out what we’ve done:
  • Bridge

    Experience seamless management of your crypto assets across multiple blockchain networks with our cross-chain bridge. You can trade and sell assets on additional markets with lower fees and following the top-tier security protocols.

  • Wallet

    One-stop multi-currency wallet for sending, storing, and withdrawing crypto. Whether you are a business with mass payments and high checks, or an individual with simple payout needs, this solution is for you.

  • Pay

    With Defiway Pay, businesses and individuals can accept crypto payments online, securely, and cost-effectively across the globe. No matter what device you use, it operates in just a few clicks.

  • Payroll

    Send freelance commissions, affiliate rewards, and employee payrolls with your crypto wallet. Invite your coworkers and set up a custom algorithm to automate payouts.

  • All-in-one mobile app

    Already available on AppStore
    and Play Market

Limited supply. Unlimited power

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    Max Supply 100m DEFI Tokens
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    Initial opportunities for holders Network governance
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    Network Multichain
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    Further opportunities You define further utilities, fees, products, network choices etc.
Core contributors will participate in network governance activities. Voting power is proportional to the size of the stake. Early adopters have more voting power.


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