Enabling businesses to streamline their financial operations with crypto


PayRoll is an all-inclusive platform that offers businesses a seamless solution for sending salaries and rewards to employees using their preferred cryptocurrency wallet. This cutting-edge technology enables companies to invite colleagues and configure custom algorithms to automate payouts for them with precision and efficiency. The platform supports advanced crypto technical features such as secure wallet integration, smart contract implementation, and decentralized payment channels to ensure a highly secure and reliable payment system. By leveraging PayDeFi, businesses can eliminate the challenges and restrictions associated with traditional payment methods and embrace a truly decentralized financial system that empowers their ecosystem.

Existing problems with traditional payment methods

There already have been some early attempts to connect blockchains. The following major issues have been identified: 

  • 1. High transaction fees

    Traditional payment methods such as wire transfers and credit cards charge high transaction fees that can significantly eat into the profit margins of businesses.

  • 2. Slow settlement times

    Traditional payment methods can take days or even weeks to settle, causing inconvenience and cash flow problems for businesses.

  • 3. Limited access to global markets

    Traditional payment methods can be restricted by geographical borders and currency exchange rates, limiting businesses' ability to expand into new markets.

  • 4. Lack of transparency and security

    Traditional payment methods are often prone to fraud, chargebacks, and other security issues, leading to financial losses for businesses.

How the Defiway PayRoll operates

Defiway PayRoll solves the concerns above through the following key features:

  • 1. Low transaction fees

    PayRoll offers a comprehensive platform that enables seamless sending of payments through cryptocurrencies, which typically have lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods.

  • 2. Fast settlement times

    With PayRoll, payments can be settled within minutes, eliminating cash flow problems and increasing operational efficiency for businesses.

  • 3. Global accessibility

    PayRoll's decentralized payment channels and smart contract implementation allow businesses to expand into new markets and accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

  • 4. Transparency and security

    PayRoll's secure wallet integration and decentralized payment channels provide businesses with a highly secure and transparent payment solution, minimizing the risk of fraud and financial losses.

Top Features

API Integration
Payroll Scheduling Setup
Employee/er Dashboard
Automated tax filing compliance
Integration with Time and Attendance, ERP systems
Multi Language
Integration with Expense Management Systems
Multi Currency
Payment Tracking
24/7 Support

User Instructions

Defiway's PayRoll is built on the blockchain and leverages smart contracts to execute transactions in a secure and decentralized manner. 

To find out more detailed steps on how to use the PayRoll protocol, visit this page

PayRoll FAQ

How does this protocol work?
Defiway Payroll is a cryptocurrency-based payroll solution that simplifies the process of paying employees, sending and receiving invoices, and scheduling payments. With just one click, employers can pay their staff and set up recurring payment dates, all with minimal effort.
Is Defiway Payroll free to use?
Yes, Defiway Payroll is currently in beta mode and is free for anyone to use.
What devices can I use Defiway Payroll on?
Defiway Payroll is available in a web version that can be used on tablet, laptop, or desktop computers with a large screen. A mobile-friendly version for smartphones is coming soon, and we are also considering developing a mobile application for both iOS and Android.
Do I need to have a registered company for the Payroll?
No, you can use Defiway Payroll as a private individual to make personal transfers to your partners. Our one-stop solution for all payouts makes it easy to manage payments regardless of whether you're a registered business or not.
What should I do if I have a question that hasn't been answered in this FAQ section?
Not seeing the answer to your question? Contact us.