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Blockchain and Content Creation: An Unprecedented Revolution photo
By: Natali

Blockchain and Content Creation: An Unprecedented Revolution

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We see how blockchain already revolutionizes finance-related industries like banking or insurance. There are even healthcare projects. But what about more artsy stuff? Can blockchain help content creators?

I am not only a crypto expert, but also a short content video creator. So I am constantly looking for ways to build my audience and monetize my favorite hobby. That's why I want to share my knowledge with you.

Here I've gathered all the possible ways blockchain can change content creation, building strong bonds between artists and their fans. New technologies can help to monetize your content and be confident that only you have ultimate control of your art assets. Want to find out how you can do all of it? Read this article till the end!

Understanding Blockchain and Its Potential

Blockchain is a new decentralized technology that can be used for any business. Even the artsy ones, such as content creation and management. Blockchain tools can be a tamper-proof database that helps share valuable secure data without any intermediaries.

This technology has the potential to revolutionize art-related industries by providing advanced ownership tools that allow you to monetize your work even when you have less than 1000 followers.

The main blockchain feature is overall decentralization. It means that there is no central authority or intermediary that exclusively changes the deal details. All deal details are described in the smart contract and are accessible to all parties involved.

No evil producer” can change contract details when they want without notifying the artist. The only way to change the smart contract is to get the approval of all parties involved in this contract. That way blockchain tools can boost the reliability of their contracts. Micropayments and tokenization allow creators to monetize and gamify every iteration with fans. Consumers can support their favorite creators by sending them micropayments even worth $0.3-0.5. So, anyone can support their favorite artist with crypto.

The Intersection of Blockchain and Content Creation

Blockchain will enhance the transparency of content and revenue distribution. You can see how and where people use your content. This technology can streamline the content creation and distribution processes by saving time and money for every party involved. You can use decentralized platforms, where you'll see how each stream is converting into money on your crypto wallet.

You can sell your digital content as NFT or provide digital tokens while your followers take some action like buying content, streaming your album, or sharing videos with friends. It allows you to gamify your fan experience, solidifying your current fan base and allowing new people to join you simply because it's fun”.

You can get instant direct payments. In more classic donation platforms like Patreon or YouTube Donations, you wait for days, and sometimes even weeks.

Blockchain can be used to establish artist control over their assets. They will also know that their work is safe and accessible while everybody knows the original creators of some piece of art.

On the other hand, content on blockchain platforms will be censorship resistant. Creators cannot be censored by governments or other entities. If their art suits the regulations pre-written in the service's smart contract, it stays on the platform until the artist decides to remove it manually.

Case Studies: Blockchain in Action in Content Creation

There are already dozens of tools that help artists of different genres create content. Musicians should try Steemit and Musicoin. They are blockchain social/streaming platforms that reward users for creating and sharing music with their cryptocurrencies.

Video creators should test DTube. As you can already guess, from the title YouTube is on steroids…Oops… on blockchain DTube videos are stored on the STEEM blockchain, which makes them tamper-proof and immutable.

Once your content passes the basic smart contract verifications, it is less likely to be removed. At the same time, classic YouTube is infamous for its censorship and triple-strike system.

Writers should have a closer look at the Publish0x service that rewards its users for writing, reading, and sharing articles. Those, who prefer to share scientific-like knowledge, should log into Everipedia designed to be a decentralized and fully transparent version of Wikipedia. If you prefer to create physical art that people can see and touch in real life, try the Provenance service. It helps you tokenize actual goods, record the product history from raw materials to the actual sale and the whole history of purchases.

Blockchain Tools for Content Creators

In the previous block, I showcased tools that can help only some creators. I want to share with you more general tools that help most content creators. LBRY, SuperRare, NFTPort, and Enjin Coin are decentralized content-sharing platforms that allow you to upload, share and earn money from digital content. Veristate platform provides provenance data and authenticity checks for digital content.

Async Art is a platform that allows you to sell interactive digital art. This platform is made up of multiple layers that viewers can unlock as they interact with the artwork. It creates an immersive experience for viewers, giving you even more freedom to create. They are all decentralized, transparent, and censorship-resistant. Just ensure that you stick to the pre-agreed smart contract obligations.

Future Implications of Blockchain in Content Creation

Blockchain has the solid potential to revolutionize the content creation, distribution, and monetization processes. This technology will increase the transparency and accountability of the whole creative industry.

Blockchain is a transparent and immutable ledger where all actions are recorded and can't be changed. It can easily be used to track the ownership and provenance of digital content, preventing copyright infringement.

It can provide you with secure and efficient payments, even for micropayments worth $0.3-0.5. It opens new opportunities to fund your projects and monetize your digital and physical art. All blockchain transactions are processed directly between two parties, without an intermediary.

All those blockchain perks open new business models in the artsy community. For example, blockchain-based platforms can allow content creators to sell their work directly to viewers. Musicians can stream music without contracts with major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Designers and digital artists can sell their works, providing NFT as proof of purchase. And it can work with $1000+ worth and a brush kit for $1-2. Due to its peer-to-peer nature, blockchain will enhance user engagement unlocking new ways of interaction. It will solidify your fan base and help you find followers who like your art.

Wrapping Up

Blockchain will revolutionize the creative industry. The author of this article is an artist too: I film short comedy videos in my free time. And I already see how blockchain can gamify the fan experience, increasing my fan base.

If you are an artist too, tokenize your art and gamify your iterations with followers. It's fun, entertaining and creates an invisible but strong emotional bond between you and your fans.

Also, blockchain provides advanced copyright protection. You can show the provenance of your work and track the ownership with NFTs. If you want to sell fine art to a fan, you also provide them with an NFT that proves their ownership of the original item. So the next buyer will know that they bought the genuine picture. And it can be implemented even in digital content.

You can share your content directly with the viewer without intermediaries requesting a solid part of your revenue even when you don't have one. With traditional services, many digital creatives become people in debt: they need to pay money to show their art even when they don't earn a penny from it. Blockchain services eliminate this old approach, replacing it with the fair one.

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