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About Natali

A seasoned crypto writer with a passion for educating others about the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Since 2011, Natali has been deeply involved in the crypto space, immersing herself in the industry's intricacies and opportunities.

Despite coming from a humble background, Natali recognized the immense value of crypto early on, and dedicated herself to gaining knowledge and expertise in the field. Though the industry was once complex and non-user-friendly, she persevered, spending countless hours poring over forums, charts, and tech specs to develop a deep understanding of the crypto landscape.

Since 2018, Natali has lent her expertise to various crypto projects, leveraging her knowledge to help others navigate the often-overwhelming world of crypto. With a mission to make the industry as user-friendly as possible, Natali is committed to empowering newbies and junior specialists to save time and build successful careers in the field.

As an experienced crypto writer and educator, Natali is passionate about driving positive change in the industry and helping readers on Defiway blog unlock the vast potential of DeFi, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.